Ideas Engine

The engine of change is ideas.  Generated by IPP fellows, the following documents are here to present new ideas, to challenge existing thinking on issues of racial and economic justice and to generate discussion.

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Fenced In: How the Border Circumscribes Public Talk about Migration in the United States

The “Gang of Eight” introduced its much- anticipated comprehensive immigration reform bill. They named it the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013,”v ensuring that any mention of the bill’s formal title would begin and end with the border.

By Julie Chinitz

Fenced In 050913

Building a Movement for a Constructive Commonwealth

By LeeAnn Hall

The notion of “well-being” of people and communities extends to the environment that we live in; the education of its members; the creation of shared wealth and prosperity; access to housing, health care, and healthy food; and a truly participatory democracy governing our public institutions, government and corporations. A participatory democracy requires a well-developed civil society with people coming together to build people’s organizations and institutions that advance local community-based leadership that can interact with public and private institutions from positions of power.

Building a Movement for a Constructive Commonwealth

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